Annual Computer Gaming Industry Conventions

Important computer gaming industry Conventions are scheduled annually and can be found spread across the globe. Some events are considered trade fairs or shows. Attendance fluctuates depending on the event.

Some conventions are hosted by a game developer or publisher specifically to promote their product, series or franchise. A game developer not associated with these companies might still wish to visit to gather information on competition as well as gamers current in today's market.

Other conventions are good for networking, exchanging ideas with other professionals and promotion. Representatives of all aspects of the computer gaming industry can be found at the conventions deemed worthwhile by a company which means potential opportunity to make a partnership for game publication or marketing. Accessory manufacturers also attend the conventions.

Conventions provide a way for game developers to show off progress, present a concept or an idea as well as garner market feedback by offering interactive demos to people. Conventions can offer opportunities to attempt pitching sales or partnerships.

In addition to actual gaming conventions, some convention organizers like Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX) hold separate smaller functions like PAX Dev as a supplemental gathering where developers are able to communicate freely and concentrate on their work, ideas and progress.

In North America there are Blizzcon, D.I.C.E. Summit, Digital & Interactive Gaming Conference, Digital Hollywood, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Game Design Expo, Game Developers Conference, Microsoft X10 Event, Midwest Gaming Classic, MineCon, Montreal International Games Summit, QuakeCon and Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX).

South America offers the Brasil Game Show.

Europe has DreamHack, Eurogamer Expo, Game Developers Session, Gamescom, Nordic Game, Paris Games Week, IgroMir, PlayStation Community Days and Russian Game Developers Conference.

In Asia one can find the Asia Game Show, China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, G-Star, Jump Festa, Nintendo Space World and Tokyo Game Show.

Australia offers the EB Games Expo and Penny Arcade eXpo Australia.

Of international renown is the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Other conventions that were not specifically created or designed for the computer gaming industry can also be useful to a game developer. Multi-genre conventions in the USA include such organizations like Phoenix Comicon, Dragon*Con and Gen Con. These types of conventions are good for building fan bases and would be most useful to independent game developers who personally market their own programs to gain support.