Video/Computer Gaming Jobs

The industry of video/computer gaming is a rich and versatile realm of job possibilities. With the strong success of the entertainment industry the potential to find lifelong work with better-than-average wages and salaries is high.

While the majority of individuals might think the video gaming industry consists mostly of imaginative creators bringing abstract dreams into a concrete reality, smart forward thinking opportunity seekers will recognize the truth. The truth is that the video computer gaming industry consists of a vast array of people and job roles necessary to address the operational needs of game development and publishing.

A wealth of job opportunities exists even for those who don't dream of fantasy worlds full of sword and sorcery or far away space filled with spaceships and aliens. Jobs that can be found in the gaming industry include but are not limited to:

Animators- Specialists who use science and software to bring art to life!

Artists - Individuals who love art and developing it.

Assistant Producers - People who provide support to leaders and other departments.

Audio Engineers - Creators of sounds, soundtracks and special effects.

Brokers - Negotiators of contracts and licensing agreements.

Creative Directors - Storytellers and world developers extraordinaire!

Engineers - Experts possessing strong knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math who can use innovative thinking to apply their knowledge to game development and evolve gameplay interaction to the next level.

Game Designers - Dreamers who inspire transformation of imagination to reality.

Lead Artists - Leaders of artistic development.

Lead Programmers - Expert programmers who lead others in game engine development.

Level Editors - /Individuals who fine tune and improve gameplay interaction.

QA Testers - Gamers who discover bugs and help perfect quality gameplay interaction.

Product Brand Managers - Marketing specialists of presentation and advertising.

Programmers - Individuals who develop and code software for gameplay interaction.

Project Managers/Producers - Inspirational leaders who give direction to the teams.

Support Staff - Specialists in human resources, medical knowledge, benefits, training, accounting and finances.

Technical Artists - Specialists of artistic elements using gameplay interaction.

Any opportunistic and intelligent job seeker can seize the opportunity to enter into this smart, stable realm of entertainment and profit.